2020 Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Carshield

Due to the complexity of modern engines, gone are the days of simply popping the hood and diagnosing the issue. As such, getting coverage for your vehicle when that vehicle is no longer under warranty has become a huge necessity.

That’s where third-party automobile protection services like Carshield come in. For a set fee, they promise to cover the costs of future repairs and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

carshield reviews

Is Carshield legit or is it a scam?

But what makes Carshield different? Are there any negative aspects to Carshield that you should be aware of? Is Carshield really a scam? Is it safe for your credit card?

Read on for all you need to know about this service based on the information given in actual Carshield reviews.

Carshield Reviews | Historical Context

Taking a look at the background of a company often sheds some light on its historical performance and any past issues. In this case, Carshield was established in 2005 and quickly became a popular choice for motorists seeking vehicle coverage.

In order to properly evaluate Carshield, there are various questions that need to be answered. Questions like: What is Carshield? Is Carshield legit, or is Carshield a scam? Is Carshield worth it? In this article, we will explore some genuine Carshield reviews to get the answers.

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In the world of automobile service companies, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before purchasing coverage. This article will provide an extensive overview of what Carshield has to offer. Is Carshield a scam? Is Carshield legit? Is Carshield worth it? Are they one of the top extended car warranty companies?

Keep reading our Carshield review to learn about the pros and cons of the service, and let’s get to the bottom of these topics.

In order to make a thorough and fair judgment, we will need to delve into genuine customer Carshield reviews. This will help us to answer the question: is Carshield legit?

  • What is Carshield?
  • Are Carshield’s claims trustworthy?
  • What do the customer Carshield reviews tell us?
  • Should you consider Carshield’s services?

If you are unsure as to whether or not Carshield is the right option for protecting your automobile, read on. In this comprehensive guide we will look in detail at Carshield reviews and determine: is Carshield a scam?

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Carshield Review | What is Carshield? Is Carshield worth it?
In recent years, Carshield has established itself as a leading provider of automobile protection. This article will analyze various Carshield reviews to provide you with a clear overview of what the company has to offer.

In truth, there’s not much information out there about the people behind Carshield or the origins of the company. However, in our research, we found that the company was formed in 2005, and has its headquarters in St. Peters, Missouri.

In addition, the information on Carshield’s website tells us that their priority is shielding their members from the high cost of automobile repairs. Carshield offers a total of seven “protection plans”. These individual plans vary in price and offer motorists differing levels of protection. (For example, the platinum package protects a vehicle’s engine, transmission, AC, electrical system and more.) The customer chooses the package that is best suited for their needs and then creates a “flexible” payment plan to cover the costs.

We also see that Carshield has apparently paid over $1 billion in claims since they formed and have covered over a million vehicles. Judging by this information, it is pretty clear that their service is frequently used by vehicle owners. Typically, this means a company is fairly trustworthy and should have many satisfied customers. We will see if this sentiment is backed up by the Carshield reviews.

Is Carshield a Scam? Where do they Rank in the Best Car Warranty Reviews?

It’s completely reasonable to be cautious when looking into automobile protection services, as this industry is known for being a tricky one for consumers to navigate.  As with any subscription-based service, users enter into detailed contractual agreements that may have hidden loopholes that aren’t apparent at first glance.

After doing some extensive research and looking into Carshield reviews, we’ve found their legitimacy to be slightly unclear. There’s no doubt they are a popular automobile protection company, but popularity doesn’t always equal service of a high standard.

However, there are some aspects of Carshield’s website which do back up their claims of being one of the top extended car warranty companies. They are notably involved with a handful of local community initiatives, and the Carshield reviews displayed on their site are impressive. However, it is important to remember that companies are in control of the narrative presented on their own website, so we must take a look at external Carshield reviews in order to find out the objective truth.  

For a company to survive for over 15 years in the automobile protection industry, one would like to think that they must be offering a good service. Ultimately though, genuine Carshield reviews are the only way to know for sure: is Carshield legit?

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Customer Carshield Reviews  

There are a total of 10,709 customer Carshield reviews on the Trustpilot review website. Carshield’s average rating there is 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. This is a pretty impressive average from such a vast number of Carshield reviews.

However, on the Better Business Bureau website, Carshield has an alert on their profile. This alert is related to a pattern of consumer complaints based on allegations of misleading sales and advertising practices, among other issues. To further investigate this alarming issue, let’s look more closely at the Carshield reviews.

Carshield Reviews: Positive

Overall, most of the Carshield reviews from customers are very positive. 69% of the Carshield reviews on Trustpilot are rated as “excellent”, with an additional 11% classified as “great”.

After thoroughly sifting through the positive Carshield reviews on Trustpilot, we found that a large number of customers were complimentary towards the company’s customer service department and the knowledge of their agents. Take this example for instance:

“I would just like to share how welcoming Carshield was to me over the phone. They took all of my information, told me about the various plans, set me up with the right plan for my car, and then on top of that, I received a discount upon joining the Carshield family. I know that with initial service like this, I’ll be taken care of in the near future.”

Here’s another Carshield review by a satisfied customer:

“Car Shield was so quick and professional! I had decided to cancel my contract, so glad I didn’t! The lady with customer service gave me a deal so I wouldn’t lose my contract Thank God she did because my truck broke right after! The alternator was gone. I called and they helped so much. My truck was fixed.”

The majority of the positive Carshield reviews spoke highly of the service they received and complimented the company’s customer service skills.

is carshield a scam

Carshield offer multiple protection packages for vehicles

Carshield Reviews: Negative 

However, positive Carshield reviews shouldn’t completely overshadow the fact that there are also many customers who were very critical of the service provided by the company. The negative Carshield reviews were mainly based on what they deemed to be the company’s failure to follow through on their promises.

On Trustpilot, one unhappy customer stated:

“We took my son’s car in to get fixed using the warranty on his car but came to find out after the diagnosis, Carshield said that they don’t cover the parts or the problems that are wrong with the car. Therefore I am VERY disappointed with this company. We were misled into thinking that having the warranty covers all parts and repairs in the coolant system, engine and certain axle repairs.”

Another similarly unsatisfied customer said:

“Covered parts and labor aren’t covered. They make things up as they go. This company is a complete rip-off and a scam. I’m cancelling my policy and getting a refund. Don’t fall for their scam and save your money.”

It’s quite clear that both extremes are present in the customer Carshield reviews. One major point of concern is that the BBB is unwilling to endorse Carshield due to the amount of Car Shield complaints they have had.

On the surface, Carshield seems quite transparent with their packages and what they cover on their website. However, as with all contractual agreements, there can be many pages of fine printmaking it difficult for people to plainly understand the terms and conditions of their coverage.

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Carshield Reviews | Summary of Positive & Negative Carshield Reviews| Car Shield Complaints

With many options to choose from, it’s difficult to establish what the top extended car warranty companies are, and if Carshield is one of them. The majority of customer reviews are very positive. However, the fact that they are not ranked or accredited by the BBB due to customer complaints does raise some serious alarm bells.

After exploring both positive Carshield reviews and the Car Shield complaints, we can now summarize the main points.

On one hand, the complimentary Carshield reviews were generally focused on the following praises:                                                      

  • Friendly agents
  • Good customer service
  • Fast, efficient response to questions
  • Deals offered to loyal customers

On the other hand, there were a significant number of negative Carshield reviews, although these complaints were less common than the positive reviews. Some of the most frequently mentioned negative points were:

  • Packages that didn’t cover what was advertised
  • Exaggerated marketing

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Conclusion: Is Carshield Worth It?

After reviewing the extensive amount of information we’ve gathered about Carshield and comparing both the positive reviews along with the complaints, it’s fair to say that this popular automobile protection service has created a divided opinion.

As mentioned above, a company that has enjoyed steady business for 15 years must be doing something right to retain their customers. However, the fact that the BBB refuses to endorse them should make you cautious.

Overall, I think it’s fair to give the company the benefit of the doubt as the majority of the Carshield reviews report positive experiences. Just be sure to read the fine print!

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