Ranking 2019’s Top Financial Advisers in Manchester & Cheshire, United Kingdom

Nestled in the northwest of England, Manchester and Cheshire are known for their industrial heritage, and just like any other cities in the UK, they have professionals that can help residents with financial management and investing.

Working with a highly rated independent financial advisor (IFA) in Cheshire or Manchester can help you manage and grow your money to fund future dreams and goals.

Things like saving for a retirement spent travelling to far corners of the world, being able to purchase a place in the country, or managing inheritance in a way that preserves wealth for future generations, can all be facilitated by a top Manchester IFA.

For many, the process of financial management can seem daunting at first. After all, you have to trust someone with information about your finances and that they can steer you in the right direction.

But many IFAs have an excellent track record of helping their clients achieve financial success. Just like a doctor is a specialist in what’s happening to your body, a top-rated Manchester or Cheshire financial advisor has expertise in what’s happening with your money.

If you’ve been considering getting professional help with money management, then you’ll want to continue reading about the best firms in northwest England that can provide you with a personalised strategy for protecting and growing your wealth.

Best IFAS in Manchester & Cheshire, UK Red Award Emblem

Award Emblem: Top 11 Best Financial Advisers in Manchester and Cheshire, UK

Top 11 Best Financial Advisers in Manchester and Cheshire, UK | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Financial Advisors in Manchester & Cheshire

2019 Ratings
Cottons Financial Planning Ltd.5
Cullen Wealth5
Torevell & Partners5
Equilibrium Asset Management5
Greystone Financial Services Ltd.5
Innes Reid Investments Limited5
Kellands (Hale) Ltd.5
LIFT-Financial Ltd.5
Mutual Financial Management LLP5
Oak Financial Management5
Succession Group5

Table: Top 11 Manchester and Cheshire Financial Advisers | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Exactly is a Cheshire or Manchester IFA?

One of the hallmarks of trusted financial guidance is that it’s given in an unbiased manner, meant to help the client financially, not because any commission is being earned by the advisor.

When we rank financial advisors, we typically look for those that are fee-only and independent, meaning that they don’t earn 3rd party commissions from sales of financial products.

However, we also may include certain advisors that are fee-based, meaning can earn commissions from companies that sell financial products, that make a commitment to put their client’s best interest first and be completely transparent about their compensation.

UK independent financial advisors (IFAs) are defined as those that are independent of any bank, an insurance company, or another similar financial firm so they can work completely on the side of the client when it comes to recommending financial products.

All IFAs in the UK, including financial advisors in Manchester and Cheshire, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and need to meet strict competence and qualification guidelines.

Since the end of 2012, two types of UK independent advisors were designated:

  • Independent Financial Advisors: Cannot receive commissions from financial service companies on new sales of investments, can recommend multiple financial products and aren’t restricted to a particular provider.
  • Restricted Financial Advisors: Can only recommend certain financial products or certain product providers, may earn a commission based on those sales and recommendations, and cannot call themselves “independent.”

This change was designed to inform the consumer as to which UK wealth management firms could potentially have hidden agendas when recommending investments and financial services and which were more likely to be unbiased because they were independent.

Top Financial Advisor in Manchester & Cheshire

Best Independent Financial Advisors in Manchester & Cheshire  

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Detailed Review of the Best Financial Advisers in Manchester and Cheshire, UK

Below, please find the detailed review of each of 2019 top Cheshire and Manchester financial advisors and wealth managers. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these financial advisors in Manchester and Cheshire to score so well in our selection ranking.

Click on any of the names below to go directly to the review section for that firm.    

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Cottons Financial Planning Review

Committed to meeting unique and complex client needs, Cottons Financial Planning is an independent financial advisor in Manchester, UK that represents St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc.

While Cottons doesn’t specifically state whether they are a fee-based or fee-only Manchester wealth management firm, they have a code of ethics, which notes they will only “make recommendations that are suitable, appropriate and that put the interest of the client first.”

We always recommend you confirm compensation structure with a Manchester or Cheshire financial advisor before contracting their services.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank Cottons Financial Planning as a Top Financial Advisor in Manchester

Code of Ethics

As mentioned, this leading independent financial adviser in Manchester upholds a strict standard of ethics that’s essential to everything it does. This code of ethics provides clients with peace of mind knowing their advisor is working in their best interests.

The code includes the following:

  • To act honestly, fairly, and in the best interest of the client at all times
  • To act with integrity in the fulfilment of responsibilities and to avoid any omissions or behaviours that could damage the reputation of Cottons or the financial services industry
  • To observe laws, regulations, and professional conduct standards
  • To observe standards of integrity, good practice, and conduct when performing any market dealings
  • To only make suggestions that are appropriate and keep the best interest of the client first and foremost
  • To maintain a high level of professional competence and remain committed to continued education to ensure the highest level of knowledge, skills, and expertise
  • To decline client engagements for which the adviser isn’t suited to or can’t competently work on
  • To always uphold the highest level of professional and personal standards

Cottons Financial Planning - Top Manchester Adviser

Manchester’s Top Financial Planning Firms

Corporate & Private Client Financial Planning

As a top-rated IFA in Manchester, Cottons specialises in helping both businesses and private clients attain financial success. These Manchester financial advisors can assist corporate clients with:

  • Share protection
  • Employee benefits
  • Succession planning
  • Key person & loan protection
  • Business protection

While Cottons is a Manchester financial adviser that has business expertise, it also takes on private clients and offers in-depth, innovative solutions for a range of financial situations.

Private client services from this financial advisor in Manchester include:

  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Post-retirement planning
  • Protection planning
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Tax-efficient investing
  • Care planning.

Rating Summary

Cottons is committed to providing a range of bespoke solutions that are custom-tailored to each client. In addition to expert financial planning and financial services for corporate clients, this Manchester financial planning firm also offers mortgage services.

With high ethical standards, a dedication to transparency, and a goal to deliver long-term success to clients, Cottons Financial Planning scores 5-stars as one of the best financial advisors in Manchester to consider partnering with this year.  

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Cullen Wealth Review

For over two decades, Cullen Wealth has been providing expert financial advice from their office in Cheshire, UK. Their team represents a diverse mix of seasoned veterans and young talent.

This independent Cheshire financial advisory firm notes having a fee-based history. In 2018, they obtained Corporate Chartered status, which illustrates a commitment to operating ethically through a public declaration of professional standards.

Key Factors That Enabled Cullen Wealth to Rank as One of the Top Financial Advisors in Cheshire, UK

Professional Team

The team at Cullen Wealth is made up of experienced professionals that bring a broad range of financial expertise to the table. Their staff of Cheshire financial advisors includes:

  • Leadership Team: Cullen Wealth is an owner-managed business with five directors who provide management on a day-to-day basis.
  • Consultants: Cullen employs a team of 22 well-qualified consultants.
  • Risk and Compliance: It’s essential to ensure adherence to Financial Conduct Authority rules and principles, which is why Cullen has a compliance manager on staff.
  • Investment Committee: The Investment Committee comes together on a quarterly basis to review portfolio performance and to see if update should be made to keep them on track with client goals.

Additional staff on this expert team of financial advisers in Cheshire is a technical support and business processing team as well as partners from the areas of tax, legal, investment management, and research.

With a diverse range of financial experts to choose from—and a wide array of professional backgrounds—Cullen Wealth is well-prepared to serve a variety of client needs effectively.

A Journey of Exploration

In order to provide an exceptional level of service to clients that not only helps them meet their long-term life goals but also secures their wealth, Cullen has put in place a comprehensive roadmap.

These stages of the journey of exploration were designed by this top-rated Cheshire IFA to provide them with an in-depth understanding of your financial concerns so they can create the best strategy to address them.

Cullen Wealth’s journey includes:

  • Where do you want to get to?: The Cheshire financial advisors at Cullen learn about your financial goals and needs
  • Where are you now?: They build a comprehensive picture of your current finances, including assets and liabilities
  • A reality check: Your advisors will give you an honest appraisal of the gaps between your situation and your future objectives
  • Explore options and opportunities: These experienced financial planners in Cheshire will help you prioritise and recommend ways to reach your financial goals
  • We’ll make it happen: They’ll work with you to create a custom financial plan and then put it into action
  • Review progress: Your financial progress will be monitored regularly and adjusted as needed for any life changes

Rating Summary

Cullen wealth is one of the largest independently owned financial advisory firms in the UK and they continually strive to provide a completely client-focused experience. Their comprehensive planning process helps make the financial planning experience less complicated.

With a commitment to putting the client first and a large and experienced team, Cullen Wealth solidifies their 5-star rating as one of the best financial advisors in Cheshire to consider partnering with in 2019. 

Torevell & Partners Review

With strong ties to northern England and clients throughout the UK, Torevell & Partners is an independent Manchester financial advisory firm working with families, business owners and successful individuals.

Torevell & Partners is a fee-based Manchester wealth management firm and they note that they will always disclose “the amount of any commission that is paid to us by product providers…” illustrating a commitment to transparency.

Key Factors That Allowed Torevell & Partners to Rank as a Top Manchester Financial Advisor

Personalised Approach

Many of the clients of this Manchester investment management firm are long-term and have been working with Torevell & Partners throughout family generations.

These long-term relationships are what help these independent financial advisers in Manchester create completely tailored solutions that are never a one-size-fits-all approach but are rather designed with each client’s situation, needs, and goals in mind.

The team will take into consideration factors that include current financial standing, future goals, and risk tolerance when creating a client portfolio.

Additionally, continual communication and contact are vital. This Manchester investment management firm considers it of the utmost importance to keep clients “in the loop” about their portfolios and wealth management, which allows clients to remain in control of what’s happening through every step of the process.

Transparent Fees

According to Torevell & Partners, their “remuneration will reflect the nature of the advice given and the complexity and scope of the portfolio management involved.” They guarantee that they will quantify their charges to clients in writing before making any investments. 

These Manchester, UK financial advisors are also committed to transparency in their fees and charges, and they only operate on the basis of Client Agreed Remuneration, whether facilitated by the platform or product provider, or if it’s collected directly from clients out of the initial investment amount, or through a separately billed fee. 

According to this financial advisor in Manchester, there are two main elements to their fees. The first is an initial advice fee, which is followed by an ongoing portfolio review charge.

Torevell & Partners - Top Financial Advisers in Cheshire

Top Wealth Management Firms in Manchester & Cheshire

Rating Summary

Wealthy clients that may have more complex financial management needs will find Torevell & Partners to be an excellent option with the experience to cater to all types of needs, goals, and circumstances.

With robust Family Office services and a focus on client financial education, Torevell & Partners earns 5-stars as one of the top firms for investment management in Manchester to consider working with this year.    

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Equilibrium Asset Management Review

Specializing in providing long-term financial plans that make a positive difference, Equilibrium Asset Management is a Cheshire financial advisory firm that was founded in 1995. Beyond Cheshire, they offer an additional office in Chester.

While Equilibrium doesn’t specifically state whether they’re a fee-only or fee-based firm, they appear to be fee-only. Their client agreement states that “payment by commission is no longer allowed” when it comes to investment recommendations and that if by chance they do receive a commission, it is disclosed and offset in the client fee.

As always, we recommend you confirm fee structure with any UK IFA prior to engaging their services.

Key Factors That Enabled Us to Rank Equilibrium Asset Management as a Top Financial Advisor in Cheshire

Transparent, Unbiased Fee Structure

Having a transparent fee structure is a key component of how Equilibrium does business. As such, they have created a fee structure that is calculated as a percentage of influenced assets rather than charging based on transactions.

This top Cheshire IFA also promises clients that it will ask permission to retain their fees, giving clients have the ultimate control over the relationship. Fees are structured according to guiding principles which include no bias as well as transparency, control, added value, and a consistently fair approach.

These Cheshire wealth managers are paid for managing client’s money, and not just for moving it around. This means that the annual fee charged to the client covers each and every facet of service.

As such, clients of Equilibrium have the peace of mind of knowing any portfolio changes are made only with the goal of improving the portfolio for not to add additional fees. 

Full Suite of Financial Services

As a top-rated financial advisor in Cheshire, Equilibrium provides clients with a wide range of financial services all under one roof, including:

  • Financial planning
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Intergenerational planning
  • Investments
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning

For many clients, partnering with a firm that offers a broad array of services brings added peace of mind for establishing long-term relationships, as financial goals and needs are subject to fluctuate and change over time and they know that their chosen UK financial advisor can handle multiple needs.

Rating Summary

Equilibrium Asset Management is an award-winning financial advisory firm in Cheshire that goes out of their way to offer trust and transparency to clients and to make a positive difference in their lives.  

With a welcoming approach, a commitment to high standards, and a wide range of services, Equilibrium Asset Management scores 5 stars as one of the best Cheshire financial advisers to consider partnering with in 2019.

Greystone Financial Services Review

Founded in 1989, Greystone Financial Services is a chartered UK financial advisory firm providing financial planning and in-house fund management. The firm has offices in Cheshire and London.

The firm is a fee-based Cheshire wealth management provider that operates in adherence to its core values of competence, transparency, and honesty. Many Greystone advisors have been with the firm since its inception.

Key Factors Leading Us to Rank Greystone Financial Services as a Top Financial Adviser in Cheshire

Chartered Financial Planners

Greystone is a unique financial planner in Cheshire because it is part of an elite group of regulated advisory firms in the UK that have been granted Corporate Chartered status.

As a result of this prestigious status, Greystone has an obligation to ensure all pertinent staff members are trained and maintain the highest level of knowledge and skills to provide the best possible advice to clients.

It’s also critical that employees of Greystone always operate ethically, with the best interests of the client being put first and foremost.

Award-Winning Fund Management

Greystone is a top-rated Cheshire wealth management firm that has the distinction of also being an award-winning fund manager. Accolades include being named Multi Asset Fund of Funds of the Year in the ACQ5 Global Award in 2018 and being named a finalist for the Fund Manager category at WealthBriefing European Awards 2018.

MGTS funds managed by Greystone include:

  • Conservative Managed Fund: Lipper leader for capital preservation since launch
  • Cautious Managed Fund: Lipper leader for total returns, consistent returns, and capital preservation since launch
  • Greystone Balanced Managed Fund: Lipper leader for total returns and consistent returns since launch
  • Greystone Global Growth Fund: Lipper leader for capital preservation since launch

Greystone Financial Services - Top-Ranked Financial Advisor in Cheshire

2019’s Best Cheshire & Manchester IFAs

Rating Summary

The team at Greystone works to develop long-lasting relationships with their clients and guide them toward decisions that can secure their financial future. The firm is proud of their talented team and clients, illustrated by them being prominently featured on their website.

With a focus on client education with multiple articles and a specialty in fund management, Greystone Financial Services scores 5-stars as a top financial advisor in Cheshire, UK to consider working with this year.   

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Innes Reid Investments Limited Review

For 20 years, Innes Reid Investments Limited is an independent Chartered Financial Planner in Cheshire serving both private and corporate clients throughout North Wales, Wirral, Manchester, and Liverpool from offices in Chester and Cheshire.

The firm does not state whether they are a fee-based or fee-only wealth management firm in Cheshire or whether they accept outside commissions. We always recommend confirming fee-structure with a UK financial planner prior to contracting with them.

Key Factors That Enabled Innes Reid Investments Limited to Rank as One of the Top Financial Advisers in Cheshire

Wide Range of Services

As a top-rated financial adviser in Cheshire, Innes Reid offers clients an impressive range of financial services to choose from including:

  • Personal & Business Financial Planning: Pensions, portfolio management, insurance, tax planning, mortgage release, and more
  • Wealth Management: Six-stage investment process to creating and managing portfolios that includes risk management, tax efficiency, asset allocation, and more
  • Pension & Retirement Planning: All Chartered Financial Planners hold the G60 advanced pension qualification, and are registered as approved transfer specialists
  • Inheritance Tax Planning: Covers gifting, tax planning, and charities
  • Divorce Advice: Integrates pension planning, investment management, estate planning, and more

The broad array of services available from these Cheshire IFAs provides a strong foundation for long-term relationships with clients, as financial goals and needs naturally tend to change over time.

Large, Talented Team

A factor that makes Innes Reid a top choice for a financial advisor in Cheshire is their robust and talented staff.

Along with directors, managers, and administrators, this Cheshire wealth management team consists of six Independent Financial Advisers and six Paraplanners.

In addition to their individual professional designations, the team at Innes Reid brings decades of proven experience in the financial industry, demonstrated by the firm’s Chartered Financial Planner status.

This means that all advisors are required to adhere to strict codes for ethical conduct and ongoing professional development, ensuring that clients receive the highest standards of financial planning advice with a knowledge base that’s continually updated.

Rating Summary

Innes Reid places a strong focus on getting to know their clients so they can better advise them regarding their financial health and well-being. Their comprehensive financial planning process is designed to make things easy and start the relationship off on a foundation of trust.  

With a commitment to upholding high standards and a wide range of financial services to offer, Innes Reid Investments Limited solidifies their 5-star rating as one of the best financial advisers in Cheshire to consider partnering with this year.

Kellands (Hale) LTD Review

For over 25 years, Kellands (Hale) LTD has been providing independent financial advice in Cheshire and the Northwest from their office in Hale. The firm has the distinction of being a Chartered Financial Planning Practice.

Kellands (Hale) is a fee-based Cheshire financial advisory firm that offers free initial consultations and believes in being completely transparent about all fees so clients know the advice they’re receiving is in their own best interests.

Key Factors That Enabled Kellands (Hale) LTD to Rank as One of the Top Financial Advisers

The Process

To provide custom-tailored solutions that are going to be an ideal fit for an individual client, the wealth managers at Kellands take comprehensive steps which are part of their signature process and approach.

These steps include:

  • Discovery meeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Investment risk
  • Communication
  • Assured quality

Each of these stages is designed to assess the individual characteristics and financial standing of the client, gain an understanding of their risk tolerance, and then develop and implement the personalised strategies that will help them achieve their financial goals.

Chartered Financial Planning

Upholding high standards, Kelland is one of the top wealth management firms in Cheshire and Manchester that are Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs).

The firm holds the designation of Chartered Financial Planning Practice, which means Kellands is committed to maintaining the highest standards in terms of knowledge, capabilities, and ethics.

Additionally, because they are Chartered Financial Planners, they provide holistic, bespoke client services that aren’t tied to any particular product or bank, but rather give their clients multiple options to meet their needs.

The advice provided to clients of this top financial adviser in Cheshire is unbiased, without any hidden agendas and solely focused on the best interests of the client. 

Rating Summary

Kellands focuses on offering holistic financial planning that integrates all facets of a client’s finances into a single strategic plan. The firm has garnered multiple awards over the years that speak to their excellent customer service and advice.

With a commitment to giving clients a first-rate experience and services for both individuals and businesses, Kellands (Hale) Limited earns a 5-star rating as one of the top Cheshire or Manchester financial planning firms to consider partnering with this year.

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LIFT-Financial Ltd. Review

With a focus on innovation and being a trailblazer in the industry, LIFT-Financial is a top-rated Chartered Financial Planner in Cheshire with additional offices in London and Edinburgh.

LIFT is a fee-based financial advisory firm in Cheshire that was chosen due to their client-centred approach that puts an emphasis on ethics, transparency, and high standards.

Key Factors That Led Us to Rank LIFT-Financial as a Top Financial Adviser

Investor (TIER 1) Visas

A valuable additional service offered by this team of Cheshire financial advisers, along with financial planning, mortgages, and insurance, is the ability to secure investor visas.

This specialist team will work closely with not only clients but also immigration advisers to make sure the process goes smoothly while also assisting clients with meeting their financial goals in a way that’s in line with their risk tolerance.

Advantages of Tier 1 services from this registered investment advisory firm in Cheshire include the following:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority regulates services
  • Advisers hold at least a Chartered level qualification
  • LIFT-Financial employs native speakers of Russian and Mandarin
  • This Cheshire Independent Financial Adviser can provide advisement on a broad range of available products in the UK market
  • Experience creating viable strategies for both private and corporate clients


One standout aspect of the services that LIFT provides is called “LIFT-Sport,” which is a selection of services custom-tailored to the unique needs of professional athletes and sports figures.

Sports clients pay a fee for guidance, and, rather than operating as salespeople, the LIFT team works with their clients as professional planners, offering guidance that is always in their client’s best interests.

The goal of the sports services team at LIFT is to help those in professional sports careers manage wealth over a career that is typically shorter so they can protect and grow their money for the future.  Some of the clients who have worked with LIFT include Nathan Redmond, Cameron Humphreys, Jack Cork, and Leigh Griffiths.

Rating Summary

LIFT offers several special areas that aren’t commonly found at other UK financial advisory firms, making them a unique fit for many client types. Their Chartered status also exemplifies the importance of high ethical standards to this Cheshire financial firm.

With a personal approach, a broad range of financial services, and a diverse team of experts, LIFT-Financial scores 5-stars as a top financial planning firm to consider partnering with this year.      

Mutual Financial Management LLP Review

Offering high-quality professional service delivered simply, Mutual Financial Management LLP is a Manchester-based independent wealth management firm that offers tailored financial advice.

Mutual Financial doesn’t specify whether they are a fee-only or fee-based IFA in Manchester. As always, we recommend you confirm a financial advisor’s fee structure prior to engaging their services.

Key Factors Considered When Ranking Mutual Financial Management LLP as a Top Financial Advisor in Manchester

Investment Approach

As Registered Investment Advisers in Manchester, the professionals at Mutual Financial employ a unique approach to providing investment advice that isn’t product-focused.

The approach begins with the investment advisers gaining a clear, in-depth understanding of a client’s needs, financial situation, and future aspirations.

The process continues with learning more about the time periods and risk an investor is willing to take on, and the investment advisers will also ensure clients have an understanding of taxation issues surrounding their investment choices.

Most portfolios designed and implemented by this firm of investment advisers in Manchester contain five asset classes, which are fixed interest, UK equity, international equity, hedge funds and alternatives, and property.

Mutual Financial Management LLP - Best-Ranked Financial Advisors in Manchester

2019’s Best Wealth Management Firms in Manchester, UK

Flexible Payment Structure

Mutual Financial is unique in the way the fee structure is handled, as compared to many other financial planners in Manchester. They offer clients the opportunity to work with them on a commission or fee basis.

This ensures that clients can have control over their wealth management and have the flexibility to accommodate different needs, preferences, and finances.

All fees are transparent and completely disclosed before the firm begins working, so you not only have the option to decide how your fee structure will be laid out, but you’ll also agree to those fees before work commences.

Rating Summary

The advisors at Mutual Financial take a team approach to financial management, ensuring their clients are well informed about their plan every step of the way. They couple this with investment management that is client outcome-focused.

With a comprehensive approach that cuts out the jargon along with a healthy range of service offerings, Mutual Financial Management earns 5-stars as one of the best Manchester financial advisors to consider partnering with in 2019.

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Oak Financial Management Review

Providing unbiased financial advice for over a decade, Oak Financial Management (OFM) is a top-rated financial advisory firm in Manchester that believes in basing their relationships in trust, transparency, and integrity.

The firm is a fee-based Manchester financial planner that is committed to forming long-term relationships founded on mutual respect and trust.

Key Factors Considered When Ranking Oak Financial Management as a Top Financial Advisor in Manchester

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

When it comes to planning for retirement, many people have similar goals that they’re trying to achieve but may have very different financial starting points. OFM specializes in helping clients reap the benefits of a lifetime of hard work so they can fully enjoy their retired years.

This top Manchester financial advisor assists clients that are in three key stages of retirement with valuable expertise and guidance. These stages are:

  • Pre-Retirement: This stage is about planning and laying down a proper framework and can begin at any age.
  • At Retirement: The Manchester financial planners at OFM will advise you of retirement options and help you prepare for that special date.
  • Post Retirement: OFM advisors will continue to offer comprehensive advice that includes tax efficiency and adjustments as retirement needs change.

Financial Planning for Business Owners

Small business owners looking for a “one-stop-shop” for financial advice that can help them manage and grow their business will find that Oak Financial is an excellent option that caters to their distinct needs.

These Manchester financial advisors understand that business owners have different financial needs than other employed professionals and they’re dedicated to seeing your business thrive and have the expertise to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

If you’ve been looking for someone you can turn to, even for the smallest inquiry, OFM can give you valuable insight earned from years of working with business owners just like you.

Rating Summary

OFM has a comprehensive client journey that removes the complexity of financial management and offers a streamlined experience. For those interested in retirement planning, this Manchester financial advisor would make an excellent option due to their expertise in this area.

With a wide range of individual and business services and a team that’s experienced and friendly, Mutual Financial solidifies their 5-star rating as one of the best financial advisors in Manchester or Cheshire to consider working with this year.

Succession Group Review

Established in 2009 to provide unparalleled personal service, Succession Group is a leading UK independent wealth management and financial planning firm.  They offer 14 hub offices throughout the six regions in the UK.

Succession Group is a fee-based Cheshire and Manchester financial advisor, and we have included them in our ranking due to the broad range of services they offer and their specialities in a variety of areas.

Key Factors Considered When Ranking Succession Group as a Top Financial Advisor in Manchester & Cheshire

Private Wealth Planning

With Succession Group’s Private Wealth Planning, individual clients can benefit from four core financial planning components:

  • Wealth Creation: Focuses on crafting robust investment portfolios that consider risk, capital loss, and inflation
  • Wealth Protection: Addresses financial concerns like establishing an emergency fund, considering the impact of illness or injury, estate plans, and insurance
  • Wealth Distribution: A tax-efficient approach to annual and inheritance tax liabilities
  • Property Purchase: Mortgage advisers provide expert guidance to find the best loans

Succession Group - Best-Ranked Financial Advisors in Cheshire

Top Financial Advisory Firms in Cheshire & Manchester, UK

Independent Women

Independent Women, is the nation’s first and longest-running UK IFA firm specifically tailored to the needs of women, and they have joined Succession Group, substantially expanding the firm’s offerings.

Because women have unique financial needs and concerns, such as longer life spans and a greater possibility of taking time from work to have children, it often helps to partner with a Cheshire or Manchester wealth management firm that understands these complexities and how they impact financial planning.

Through Independent Women, the advisors at Succession Group can offer tailored advice for:

  • Financial independence
  • Wealth management
  • Mortgages
  • Pensions and retirement
  • Divorce and separation
  • Business planning
  • Tax planning
  • Wealth protection

Rating Summary

Succession Group serves the whole of the UK with multiple locations throughout the country, offering convenience and a wide breadth of talent on their large team. From private wealth planning to corporate benefit solutions, they have the expertise to handle a variety of financial needs.

With a speciality in serving the financial needs of both women and independent schools and an impressive track record over their 10-year history, Succession Group earns 5-stars as one of the best financial advisers in the UK to consider partnering with this year.

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Conclusion – 2019 Top Financial Advisers in Manchester and Cheshire, UK

From retirement planning to business finances to services tailored to the needs of women, these top-rated financial advisory firms in Manchester and Cheshire, United Kingdom have a lot to offer when it comes to helping you achieve your financial goals.

As a next step in the process, you may want to narrow down your top choices to three to five firms that you’d like to meet with. A consultation can help you clear up any questions you may have, gain some insight into the firm, and see how you feel about a potential relationship.

Many Cheshire and Manchester financial planners offer complimentary initial consultations, so there is no risk on your part, and if you bring some of your key financial data with you, the meeting can be especially productive.

The time spent finding the perfect UK IFA to meet all your personal criteria is well worth it once the relationship begins and they put your custom plan into action to preserve and grow your wealth for years to come.

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