2021 HomeAdvisor Review: What is HomeAdvisor?

Owning a house is a dream come true for most people. Home ownership offers people a chance to have their own backyard, their own rules and their own safe place. From repainting rooms to redoing the kitchen – homeowners have the freedom to make their house the way they want it.

But there are also costly home repairs and ongoing maintenance needs that must be taken care of in order to keep your home safe and happy. It can be a headache to book, find and hire all the necessary contractors such as plumbers, electricians and roofers.

That’s where HomeAdvisor comes in.

Now, what is HomeAdvisor? In this HomeAdvisor review, we will answer questions you may find yourself asking, such as:

  • What is HomeAdvisor?
  • Are there companies like HomeAdvisor?
  • Which sites like HomeAdvisor are there?

We will also analyze some reviews on HomeAdvisor including HomeAdvisor contractor reviews, HomeAdvisor Pro reviews and HomeAdvisor complaints.

By the time you finish reading our HomeAdvisor review, you will know everything you need to know in order to decide whether HomeAdvisor is right for you.

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AdvisoryHQ HomeAdvisor Review | What is HomeAdvisor?

Formerly known as ServiceMagic, HomeAdvisor is a simple way to find and book the best local home services. Reviews on HomeAdvisor show top local professionals that homeowners can easily book. With a safe screening process, HomeAdvisor conducts criminal background checks on the owner or principal of each business every two years, including a HomeAdvisor review of relevant criminal convictions and the sex offender database.

HomeAdvisor can help you book a professional in many industries including roofing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and many other home-related services.

The site offers many HomeAdvisor reviews and HomeAdvisor complaints for each individual professional to help you decide which one is right for you.

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HomeAdvisor Service Search HomeAdvisor Review

 So if you are looking to improve your home, this might be the platform you were looking for.

 Companies like HomeAdvisor

 There are many other companies like HomeAdvisor out there. Such companies include Angie’s List, Homeflock, and Service Whale. But HomeAdvisor has one of the largest networks with more than 100,000 service professionals specializing in 500 different trade categories. This is something that other companies like HomeAdvisor cannot offer.

Having such an extensive network means that homeowners have a large pool of professionals and services to choose from. And if you are a contractor looking to list your services on HomeAdvisor, there are plenty of job opportunities for you.

Sites like HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor has an award-winning app, but there are still other sites like HomeAdvisor that come close. As the market continues to become saturated with new competitors hoping to stand out, sites like HomeAdvisor pop up overnight.

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AdvisoryHQ HomeAdvisor PRO Review | What is HomeAdvisor PRO?

HomeAdvisor PRO markets itself as the best place for professionals offering home services to grow their business, access sales leads, and gain insight on current home industry trends.

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HomeAdvisor Pro Reviews

HomeAdvisor PRO promises to help businesses have full control over their leads and budget while remaining commitment-free.

However, taking a look at HomeAdvisor PRO reviews may make you think twice about joining the platform.

Many HomeAdvisor PRO reviews warn contractors interested in signing up on the platform to run the other way.

HomeAdvisor Contractor Reviews

At the time of this writing, there were 1561 total HomeAdvisor reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. Some of these reviews were made by contractors sharing their experience with HomeAdvisor PRO.

Many HomeAdvisor contractor reviews share experiences of being overcharged.

For example, one contractor warns:

“I found them to be a very shady lead service and they charge for leads you didn’t receive.”

Another reviewer states:

“As a contractor, you cannot believe anything they tell you on the phone. They lie to you after you give credit card they bill you for unwarranted charges.”

Yet there are still some positive HomeAdvisor contractor reviews with a totally different experience.

One contractor said:

“Solid leads that close when you work then and get back to customers ASAP.”

Another contractor expressed:

“My company Rooftop Restoration in San Antonio generates tons of leads using Home Advisor. I don’t understand what the problem is. I spend at least $200-1,000 a week with them.”

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AdvisoryHQ HomeAdvisor Reviews | Good or Bad?

Now that we have gone over some HomeAdvisor contractor reviews, we will look at general HomeAdvisor reviews.

These customer HomeAdvisor reviews will give us a better understanding of the overall effectiveness of the company.

There are a total of 1,314 HomeAdvisor reviews on Sitejabber. Over the last 12 months, there have been 535 negative reviews and 54 positive reviews as well as 5 neutral reviews.

One positive HomeAdvisor review states:

“From start to finish, the estimate, price, clean-up, & service was excellent. I would highly recommend Oak Tree Services.”

One negative HomeAdvisor review says:

“I needed a series of home repairs and went through HomeAdvisor.com and made confirmed appointments via the site. These were all canceled abruptly, with a form letter-email from the site which did not provide any reasons. I tried calling but the drop-down menu does not give an option on this, so I contacted online chat. Extremely rude, did not answer my questions and disconnected. Don’t bother with this – go to your local info site like Next-door.com.”

On Trustpilot, there are a total of 20,469 HomeAdvisor reviews.  Most HomeAdvisor reviews on Trustpilot gave a rating of 5-stars, with only 1% of reviews giving a rating of 1-star.

One positive HomeAdvisor review said the following:

“We are new to the area, so we had no point of reference or names of reliable contractors. This was helpful.”

However, one negative HomeAdvisor review stated quite the opposite:

“I went to homeadvisor.com in an attempt to find someone to do an electrical repair in my home. I filled out the various questions and was given a list of plumbers. And here I thought that water and electricity didn’t mix. I’ll look

top contractors in dallas tx

HomeAdvisor Reviews Conclusion

While HomeAdvisor reviews are mixed, a large number of negative reviews seem to stem from contractors who are dissatisfied with the customer service.

Other negative HomeAdvisor reviews seem to not be about HomeAdvisor itself; rather, the negative reviews seem to be about specific professionals on HomeAdvisor.

Therefore, it seems the average consumer can expect a positive experience hiring a professional on HomeAdvisor.

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AdvisoryHQ Reviews on HomeAdvisor

In addition, HomeAdvisor has incorporated contractor reviews into their platform, which should help consumers avoid any negative experiences with individual professionals. Users can search by business name or browse a list of local businesses in the most popular cities.

The reviews on HomeAdvisor are divided into categories such as handyman services, roofing and electrical. Each category also has a “Featured Pro” and “Related Projects” section.

homeadvisor review

Business search in Dallas, TX Reviews on HomeAdvisor

Reviews on HomeAdvisor can help homeowners decide which contractors they want to do business with.

By having the option for customers to leave reviews on HomeAdvisor, other users can see which professionals tend to do a good job and which professionals need to be avoided like the plague.

HomeAdvisor Complaints

The website also has a procedure for customers to submit HomeAdvisor complaints.

They encourage customer feedback, and users can email complaints about a professional to HomeAdvisor at [email protected].

These HomeAdvisor complaints help the company remove bad service professionals from their network if they notice a trend of negative comments about that particular contractor.

AdvisoryHQ How Much Does HomeAdvisor Cost?

HomeAdvisor is free to use for homeowners, but it does come with a few caveats.

As soon as a homeowner signs up on HomeAdvisor, their personal information will get sold as a potential lead to many contractors. This could result in contractors blowing up the homeowner’s phone or email inbox with offers to do the job.

Some HomeAdvisor complaints have even claimed that they receive too many calls and emails from contractors who are not even in their local area.

If you are a contractor who signs up to use HomeAdvisor to receive leads, you will be charged an annual fee of about $350 to get listed on HomeAdvisor.

It may seem simple enough, but there have been HomeAdvisor reviews from upset contractors claiming that the company has charged them hundreds of dollars for leads that did not end up panning out.

Overall, HomeAdvisor seems worth the risk for both homeowners and contractors, as long as both remain cautious throughout the process.

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AdvisoryHQs Conclusion: Is HomeAdvisor Right for You? | Is HomeAdvisor a Scam?

No, HomeAdvisor is not a scam. It’s a real and trusted platform for contractors offering home services and the homeowners who need them.

Despite the handful of negative reviews on HomeAdvisor, we have decided to give HomeAdvisor an overall rating of 4 stars both for homeowners and professionals.

There are other sites like HomeAdvisor and many companies like HomeAdvisor, but its large network cannot be found anywhere else.

This network provides homeowners with many options for many different services – all in one place. Whether you want to fix your plumbing or replace your kitchen cabinets, HomeAdvisor is a great option to find the right service professional for the job.

In addition, the contractor reviews on HomeAdvisor will help you navigate through the list of businesses in order to choose one that is right for you.

If you are looking to hire home services, HomeAdvisor is a tool you should consider.

And despite the large amount of competition on the platform, contractors should be able to gain solid results from the many leads generated by a membership plan with HomeAdvisor.

The reviews on HomeAdvisor indicate that for both contractors and homeowners, HomeAdvisor wants you to have the best experience by sharing feedback, submitting complaints, or leaving reviews.

We can solidly recommend HomeAdvisor for consumers and home service professionals alike.

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