PatPat Review | What is PatPat and how does it work?

We will begin our thorough PatPat review by first sharing the basics: What is PatPat? What does it do and how does it work?

Then we’ll continue with the other important topics that many are interested in: Is PatPat a scam? Is PatPat legit? Is PatPat safe?

If you want to know all about PatPat, please continue reading this article that will include PatPat Reviews on several issues that people are interested in.

What is PatPat?

PatPat primarily sells clothing for kids, babies, and toddlers. They also offer clothes, shoes, and accessories for women as well as home goods and baby gear.

The company was founded in 2014 by two good friends – Albert Wang and Ken Gao. They founded the company in Mountain View, California where it is still located today.

The idea for the company began when Albert’s first child was born and he realized that many parents struggle with finding fashionable pieces of baby clothing. They understand the problems parents face and know how to approach them. This is the reason for their success today.

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PatPat’s cover on LinkedIn

Until 2018, the company was primarily funded by 2 companies that provided PatPat with $50.5 million. These 2 companies are IDG Capital who invested $2.7 million and Sequoia Capital China who invested $47.8 million.

PatPat is an eCommerce company that operates entirely through online ordering and postal shipping. Reading PatPat reviews tells us that its customers don’t shop at physical stores but instead order through the company’s website or app.

If you are interested in ordering something through the app, you can read more about it in the PatPat app reviews below.

How do ordering and shipping work?

Since PatPat ships its products worldwide, many people ask if this is a Chinese brand. More importantly, they are wondering is PatPat legit? Many consumers wonder if talk of a PatPat scam is true, but it’s not.

The company is proud of its M2C method that brings products directly from the manufacturer to the client. Items are shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer. 

With this method, PatPat manages to avoid the expenses and fees that distributors and retailers charge. The PatPat reviews claim that they have found up to 80% lower prices just because the company is avoiding these costs.

Additionally, PatPat offers its customers daily discounts. Up to 20 events start every day at 6 AM to provide limited-time special prices on certain products. Customers can save big by following these daily offers.

patpat app reviews

Making PatPat app reviews

The PatPat app is available on both the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android. Whenever you invite a friend, they get $5 off their first order. When they make the order, you get the same $5 off.

You can order from almost any country around the world. The order time will vary by country but is up to 16 days for processing and up to 30 business days for shipping.

For the United States, the shipping time is up to 25 business days or just 15 days with express delivery.

The cost of the shipping is free for orders above a certain amount. If the amount is under the limit, then a certain fee will be asked for the shipping. 

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PatPat Review | Affiliate and Influencer offers

PatPat also offers affiliate and influencer programs. These programs give up to 15% commission to all participating businesses and up to $200 of free products for all influencers every month.

Of course, this is only for those who qualify. If you feel you or your company may be eligible for one of these programs, you can simply send the company an email and request to participate.

PatPat Review | What PatPat App Reviews Their Customers Write?

Overall, PatPat app reviews show that users are satisfied with the app and the company. Users of the app gave it 4.4 on the Google Play Store for Android and 4.7 on the App Store for iOS.

The app is very popular. It has over a million downloads on Android’s PlayStore. On Apple’s App Store the number is even higher for the iOS app.

Some people addressed some issues they had with the app and the company in their reviews. However, most app reviews say that the app is amazing. Customers find that searching through the products is easy and going to check out is even easier. Users typically don’t encounter any issues while searching or ordering. 

For some users, the registration process and the shipping fees for products under a particular amount might be annoying. Consumers generally like the ordering and shipping experience to be as simple and inexpensive as possible.

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PatPat Review | What Positive Customers’ PatPat Reviews say?

The experience spoken of by reviewers on the SiteJabber website is slightly less positive. In fact, the PatPat Review score on SiteJabber is 3.93 with just 62% positive feedback in the past year. 

In these PatPat Reviews, customers explain their experiences – both good and bad. 

Over 1010 people gave them 5 stars, while the lowest score, one star, was given by 368 people. This is a clear indicator of what you can expect when ordering.

The features positively reviewed in the PatPat app reviews are the same most commonly mentioned features in customer PatPat reviews found elsewhere online.

For example, it is easy to see that one of the most beloved features of the company is its daily discount program. One of the comments on SiteJabber says:

“Love this site so excited to see what’s new every day.”

Others are happy with the quality of the clothes received. These positive PatPat clothing reviews explain that the pieces received are amazing. This falls in line with the goals of the company to offer fashionable children’s clothing items. In fact, if you ask the company’s customers what is PatPat – most will tell you that this brand offers amazing baby clothes.

patpat clothing reviews

Is PatPat a scam?

In addition, Trustpilot has over 13,500 PatPat reviews. These reviews are mostly positive with an impressive 59% extremely satisfied users and just 20% completely dissatisfied customers.

The overall score at Trustpilot is 4.1, which is slightly better than the SiteJabber. While there’s not much difference in the score, Trustpilot offers more than 10 times the number of PatPat reviews than SiteJabber.

These PatPat reviews on Trustpilot are pretty similar to those at SiteJabber, and customers are raving about the same topics.

One client named Irish, from Italy, in his PatPat review simply says:

Everything’s on five stars!

It is important to note that the PatPat reviews on both of these review websites are global. This explains why there could be a discrepancy in customer experiences as people order and receive their shipments from all over the world. 

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PatPat Review | What Negative Customers’ PatPat Reviews say?

As mentioned above, although most reviews are positive there is a significant amount of negative PatPat reviews – around 20%.

If you look for negative PatPat reviews online, you’ll see a lot of debate surrounding the question, “Is PatPat a scam?” This is an understandable concern when ordering from a company that produces and ships products across the globe daily.

Some of these negative comments make claims about potential PatPat scams.

For example, Trustpilot user Nicholas Bhoj is convinced that there is an obvious PatPat scam. He says:

“PatPat is clearly a scam company. They have staff upvoting PatPat while not making any real deliveries to actual customers.”

However, it is clear from our research that there is no PatPat scam. Many unsatisfied customers, unfortunately, jump to this accusation when they don’t receive what they ordered or their order is late.

Even though PatPat has a precise timetable displayed on their webpage, people are still impatient to get their orders. When they are tired of waiting, they think that they have been scammed and turn to the internet to write about alleged PatPat scams. 

When it comes to finding negative PatPat clothing reviews about the items themselves, we can say that we found almost no complaints about the quality of the clothing. People are obviously satisfied with their items as there are almost no bad PatPat clothing reviews online. 

Instead, over 95% of the negative PatPat reviews were due to delayed or missing orders.

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PatPat Review | Is PatPat Safe and Should You be Buying through Them?

Many people who ordered something and are still waiting for it after a month are understandably thinking is PatPat a scam? With many people asking the same question, it’s logical to give this issue a detailed examination.

After doing a thorough PatPat review, we can conclude that there’s nothing about this popular company that is a scam. PatPat is a legitimate company providing quality products to happy customers all around the world.

PatPat’s clothing items and the rest of their products are top-notch. This is why they have a huge following of fans and satisfied customers.

patpat reviews

PatPat scams talk is not true

Considering this issue, we can say that buying PatPat products is the best thing you can do for both your kids and your budget. The clothes are outstanding and come at a very affordable price.

However, no company is perfect. Even though we answered the question of whether or not there is a PatPat scam, there is still one major drawback in ordering with PatPat – the amount of time it can take to receive your order. One mom joked that her baby would grow up before she gets her clothes!

It seems that if you decide to place a PatPat order, you need to be prepared to potentially wait a long time – a very long time. The company’s disclaimer in the orders section says that you might need to wait for up to 30 business days!

Many of the customers who are writing negative reviews forget that 30 business days is much longer than a month, making PatPat seem dishonest when that is really not the case.

However, PatPat needs to handle this problem better. If they want a better PatPat review score, they’ll have to address this issue more seriously in the future and work to improve shipping and processing times. This area of concern is why our score is 4 out of 5.

Happy shopping!

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